Friday, March 2, 2012

Summing up Febuary's photo challenge

Well I rather crumpled. Despite always having my phone on me I got a bit backed up with the number of pics I needed to post so ended in failure.

On the positive side, I was scrupulous in making sure I photographed every thing I ate. So what have I learned?

1. I don't eat as much fruit and veg as I think.
2. It is possible to eat smaller slices of cake and still enjoy it
3. The act of photographing makes it easier to turn down odd biscuits, chocolates and leftovers.

If i embark on a proper calorie controlled diet to lose weight I will definitely photograph everything as it does act as a constant reminder.

However, I was hoping that the act of simply photographing everything would cause me to lose weight without hardly noticing. I actually lost 2 lbs over the whole month which isn't exactly earth shattering but as a certain slave employing supermarket says - "every little helps!"

On to my March challenge!

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