Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The first week completed- some observations

Anyone care to look at my food consumption over the last 7 days & hazard a guess to my weight loss/gain?

Well I have stayed EXACTLY the same so the simple act of recording my diet has not led to the shedding of any pounds. it has made a difference to my eating habits though. It made me cut out a lot of the snacking that I normally do. There were several times when i couldn't be bothered to go get my camera simply to nibble on a chunk of cheese. I was also more conscious of my portion sizes and I know I cut smaller slices of cake so as to not appear greedy.

Having looked back at the photos I have come to the following conclusions:

1. I don't eat enough fruit.
2. Homecake cake is still cake and therefore calorific
3. I eat a lot of bread.

I haven't done any exercise this week ( I've been poorly!) so wonder if that has made a difference?

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