Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Busiest day ever - day 10

I was madly worrying that I wouldnt be able to squeeze a run in today. Ive got a horrible head cold which means I wake up coughing and spluttering through out the night. I ended up working til about 1am last night so had little sleep. I had planned to run at 6am but felt like a zombie so postponed. I was frantically busy all day and so had to wait l. I had a meeting after school and an appointment at choir shortly after. I decided to cut my losses and go for a 12 minute run whilst dinner was in the oven. Kids were incredulous that I had actually been since it was so short and accused me of hanging about by the bins. Felt ridiculously pride in the fact that even on such a busy day I managed to get my trainers on and run.

Got lots more work to do so probably will have another late night. Will I be up and out for tomorrows 6am run?

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