Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8 - the morning after ...

One effect of this daily running is that it has cut down on the amount of alcohol I am drinking. Not that I roll around drunk every evening you understand but I like a glass of wine with my meal and the odd nightcap. I have cut out the nightcap and having wine every day. Last night I hadn't planned to have a drink but ended up having a couple of glasses of wine and stayed up til 2am. This meant I felt a little fragile this morning. I had intended to run before The Archers, but instead waited til it had finished before I ventured out. It was surprisingly okay. My motivation to get out was very low and I had to grit my teeth to force myself out. However I felt really jubilant that I had done it and much more awake when I returned.

The observer came with a CD about mindful exercise - from some org called headspace I think. plan to investigate this further. Tomorrow will be an evening run with the lovely Carole!


  1. That sounds great - I totally understand that whole having to grit your teeth simply to get out of the door, but sounds to me as if in fact you are doing brilliantly!

  2. Great going with Janathon so far, and for gritting your teeth and getting on with it!